Ladies and Gentlemen, the clown show has been put on hiatus for retooling.
— The official BBC press release.


Problem, officer?


Yeah. "Hiatus." Sure.


Colin stayed busy.

Dr Who Axed


The 1985 hiatus happened when Michael "MOSSAD" Grade shut down Colin Baker's era resulting in an 18-month long hiatus between Seasons 22 and 23 (The Trial of a Pie Lord).

Stories for the 1985 season had already been planned but were scrapped, leading to The Lost Season.

Story Edit

The decision to make the Sixth Doctor initially unlikeable had backfired somewhat with audiences and ratings dropped accordingly. Well not that much really, but Grade made no secret of his dislike for the series and leapt at the chance to kill it anyway.

Officially a "hiatus", this was later proven to be bollocks and just a smokescreen for cancellation. The BBC ended up having to eat shit and bring the show back (albeit with a reduced number of episodes per year) after the devastating impact of Doctor in Distress.

Trivia Edit

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