That's the sort of illogicality that actually happens. The last episode of Pyramids of Mars would be instantly improved by a line about the Osirans designing the security system after they'd all got drunk one evening.
— Some bloke in Phil Sandifer's blog

Tennant 42

Tennant reads the Last of the Time Lords script.

420 BLAZE IT FAGGOT is the seventh episode of Series 3. It was written by Chinballs and stars David Tennis as Ten and Gordon Freeman as Indiana Jones.

Plot Edit

There's a ship hurtling out of control towards a star and the Doctor has 42 minutes to stop it. But then a mysterious force starts to possess and murder the ship's crew and BURN WITH ME



Behind the ScenesEdit

The title implies it has something to do with Douglas Adams. It does not.

In fact, the title refers to 24, with the logic being that a Doctor Who episode is about 42 minutes long, and thus an episode in real-time would be pretty neat. I guess that makes sense. Still, a missed opportunity for Douglas Adams homage, on Doctor Who of all things, is just about unforgivable.

Also, watching it now, the jackass medical officer on the ship immediately jumps out as Sgt. "Can't Act" Donovan from Sherlock.

Reception Edit

Literally don't remember anything about this episode.

It's actually a pretty decent filler episode. Great characterisation of side characters, strong performances from Freema and Tennant

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