Reminder that /who/ is slow but officially less dead than /doctorwho/.

8chan's Doctor Who General (known as /doctorwho/) was created after a massive wave of autism and shitposting caused many to want to flee 4chan's /who/ altogether. The features at the new chan were much better, the moderation system was better (except that one time that the anon got banned for literally no fucking reason but then he got unbanned), and it had a shinier paintjob. It should have been /who/'s utopia, but as always, autism ruins everything.

Consider the following a cautionary tale:

>In 2014, shitposting reaches critical levels on /who/
>it's literally /who/ - Shitposting General
>nonstop autism everywhere
>suddenly an anon has a great idea during night /who/ (back when there was a noticable difference)
>suggests that we move to 8chan
>everybody really supportive of the idea, we move over and get set up
>a few people stay behind to direct people to the new home
>it's getting really comfy over there, it's like Night /who/ and it lasted for days
>some people on day /who/ are autistic and react negatively to the change, upset they can no longer shitpost
>babby tripfags are worried they will lose their trip if they move over, but it turns out they work the same
>everything is okay, day /who/ autistis can be ignored
>suddenly the 8chan recruiters get annoying as fuck, start derailing discussion on both boards
>they're practically undermining 8chan /doctorwho/ efforts, and 4chan /who/ loyalists exploit this
>turns into a huge fucking war
>everybody is fucking tired of it, everybody settles into their respective boards
>shitposting everywhere has actually decreased, things are quieting down
>the war may have had positive effects after all
>most people from 8chan /doctorwho/ move back to 4chan /who/ since it has more people
>a few lonely people hang back to keep an eye on /doctorwho/
>there are a few times when people get the urge to go back, it's a really good refuge from shitposting
>we're still bound to 4chan though
>someday we'll move, the promised land awaits, but for now /who/ is our home and it must remain that way
>holy shit I suck at greentexting

Moral of the story: come to /doctorwho/ every Saturday night for comfy watchalongs.

The Prophecy Fulfilled Edit

One fateful night in 2018, fate struck the 4chan General, and /who/ fucking died. The absolute madmen did it, they killed /who/ after it truly became shitposting general. But another split divided factions of /who/res from each other. With no 4chan to keep our general, where would we stay?