A town called mercy

Matt Smith in Terminator Genisys.


The mighty Gunslinger "aka Jake Bullet"

A Town Called Percy is Doctor Who: The Western. It's the third episode of Series 7 and stars Matt Wang, Karen Arse and Arthur Nose.

The official new title theme for America-themed Doctor Who.

Story Edit

The Doctor and crew arrive in a frontier town under siege by a deranged mechanoid, hell bent on exacting his revenge against an alien with a Mike Tyson tattoo, he will have his vengeance no matter how many precious adorable bulgy eyed children live there.

There is a pretty good moral conflict, dampened a little by the road sign dialogue. "Hurrr, you're guilty like me!, It would be easier if I were just the mad scientist!". 

Reception Edit

It was ok, but not great. It pretty much told us what we already knew - The Doctor was a cunt at the end of the Time War and is like that war criminal over there and he feels just awful about it. Probably wanted to make sure we remembered that before the War Doctor came along. Probably going to be the last of that theme we see, thank god.

Trivia Edit

And hey, John Crichton was in it.

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