I wear a swastika now. Swastikas are cool.

Hitler DW

Hitler begging not to appear in this episode.

Nuremberg Rally

A rousing speech.

Not to be confused with Adolf Hitler (showrunner)

Adolf Hitler is our lord and savior, best known as the visionary mastermind who created Doctor Who in 1963 and founded the BBC in 1929. He also did nothing wrong.

History Edit

At the end of World War II Hitler fled to Britain where he got his job back at the BBC as Head of Drama.

For many years Hitler worked tirelessly to bring his dream project to the screen, a strange little show about an alien with a time machine. Finally in 1963 his dream was realised and the rest, as they say, is history.

Tribute Edit

Obviously Doctor Who owes Hitler a tremendous debt of gratitude and it has paid tribute to him many times over the years, most recently when he became a companion to the Eleventh Doctor in the fan-favourite Let's Heil Hitler.

Trivia Edit