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Adric: Not even once.
— Public service announcement from the 80's.


The so-punchable face of Addric.

Fuck you Adric

Adric's tragic, heroic death.

Everyone Hates Adric

Everyone Hates Adric.

Adric Daily Mail

Newspaper headline from when Adric died.

Adric's demise - really short clip00:52

Adric's demise - really short clip

Moffat on Adric.

Addric (played by Matthew Steakhouse) drove Tom Baker to quit Doctor Who. BRAVO JNT.  

Character Edit

He was called Addric because he was good at math. Addric came from a race of swamp-melon people and it showed: he couldn’t act and was frequently a pain in the ass for the Fourth and Fifth Doctors.

Appearances Edit

Addric first appears in the story Full Circle and hangs around until his welcome death in Earthshock.

Death Edit

Addric eventually blew up and killied all the dinosaurs by crashing a ship into Earth 65 million years ago because why not? This was one of the first of many stupid moments of “Why can’t we just go back in time and save him Doctor?" "We can’t because handwave.” It was a novel exit for one of the Doctor’s companions and richly deserved too.

Truth is the Doctor could've easily gone back and rescued Addric, he just didn't want to.

See also: Adric dies.

Reception Edit

I’ve never seen anyone on /who/ defend Addric.

I still liked him, but I never said that.

At least he wasn't as bad as Mel.

No, no I don't think Mel deserves that. At the very least she was eyecandy, this obnoxious little squirt had nothing going for him.

Gallery Edit

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