Alan Moore on writing Doctor Who01:18

Alan Moore on writing Doctor Who

Doctor Who: Literally better than cleaning toilets.

Alan Moore is a British magician who, once upon a time, was a gainfully employed writer, somehow. He is magnitudes. His secrets have secrets. He thinks the Doctor is a pedophile, and let's be honest, so do most of us.

So why does he have an article here?Edit

Alan Moore got his start writing some crap involving the Time Lords getting in a war in time that never went anywhere. He was also Andrew Cartmel's favorite writer. Cartmel tried to get him to write for Doctor Who, but Moore said that all the post-Hartnell Doctors were too pedophilic for his tastes. It's a fair assumption that he wasn't watching season 24 anyways, like most people in the world.

Since his comics were just DWM backup strips, they didn't get into the reprints, graphic novels, or collections, so they're hard to find, unless you like torrents. But fortunately, all of the best ideas (including ideas from his completely unrelated comics like Halo Jones) were stolen by Larry Miles or Marc Platt for the novels, stolen by Marc Platt or Andrew Cartmel for the audios, or stolen by Andrew Cartmel or Steve Parkhouse for the comics, which of course means they've all been restolen by either RTD or Moffat for NuWho, so you've already seen them.

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