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Amy Pond

All she wanted was a good seeing to ;_;

The Two Amies

So this is how it all ends, Pond flirting with herself. True love at last.

Some ducks

No ducks in the duck pond.

Amy Pond Kite

Amy trying to comprehend whatever the fuck was going on in her era.

Amy seen

Amelia "Amy" Pond (played by Karen Gillan) was the alcoholic scotch firecrotch companion of the Eleventh Doctor. First appeared in The Eleventh Hour.

Character Edit

Beginning life as Amelia Pond, she soon grew up into Amy after being abandoned by the Doctor and her parents.

Amy was created by the Skull Kid after he donned the Majoras mask, the moon obtained a human face and in a 3 day cycle, fell to the Earth and landed on small city called Clock Town.

Centuries later the moon called itself Amy and became a kissogram who frequently cuckolded her husband Rory Williams because she preferred being dicked by the Doctor. And, in an act of poetry that would impress Lucas, she was eventually cucked by her own daughter.

Trivia Edit

Her daughter is River Dong.

Amy is notable for being the only female NuWho companion who has not been contaminated by niggerdicks. The actress is notable for being found extremely drunk and extremely naked in a hotel hallway once.

Reception Edit

Everyone wanted to bang her.

See also Edit

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