An Adventure in Space and Time

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An Adventure in Space and Time-0

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An Adventure in Space and Time is a British movie about the birth of French sitcom Doctor Oui. It came out to celebrate the 50th anniversary and was written by Doctor Who and Sherlock writer Marky Mark Gatiss.

Plot Edit

It tells the story of the show's creation, covers the entirety of the First Doctor's era and ends with the regeneration in The Tenth Planet.

Features Susan, Ian, and Barbara, as well as the original showruiners of the most English show ever, a Jewess, an Asian Kid, and a bloody Canadian. Also sheds some light on the early machinations of the dreaded BBC and how some of the show's lore came about.

Reception Edit

GOAT. Not to mention comfy. Many feels were had. Also David Bradley makes an excellent Willy Hartnell.

BRAVO GATISS (it's not often you get to say that.)

Trivia Edit

The Second Doctor is featured briefly. Gatiss even cosplayed as the Third Doctor but apparently this scene was deleted by the BBC. Possibly to save viewers from tearing their own eyes out in horror.

The Eleventh Doctor also appeared out of nowhere and then vanishes for some reason.

This story would qualify as a pure historical, were it not for the Daleks.

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