Doctor who anime Full

Doctor who anime Full


We went this long without having an entry about anime? "But anon, there's never gonna be a Doctor Who anime." Fuck, if Hillary Clinton can have an article here, so can horrible Japanese cartoons.

Anime that vaguely resemble Doctor Who Edit

  • Trigun - Silly alien man with strange fashion sense takes on two girl companions and has wacky adventures that slowly become gloomy as he reunites with an old friend of his same race.
  • Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - Annoying teenage girl is God, so everyone has to beckon to her will. Her best friend takes the alias of "John Smith" during one light novel
  • Steins;Gate - Time travel. They also mention blue boxes in the dub.
  • XXXholic - Eccentric, otherworldly woman takes in a boy and makes him do horrible things for her amusement.
  • Galaxy Express 999 - Mysterious tall woman who travels in a space train takes in a boy and makes him do horrible things for her amusement.
  • This thing made by a diehard JNT fan. I might add that said JNT fan rather stupidly forgot that Japanese women speak with intentionally high voices for the sake of courtesy, which the voice actress didn't in this instance. If you're going to show off what an otaku you are, do your research first.
  • Dontsayjojodontsayjojodontsayj-Jojo? I mean, the Eighth Doctor and Gappy (the 8th Jojo) are amnesiac savants, both the Second Doctor and Joseph Joestar (the 2nd Jojo) are goofy tricksters who hide an incredible amount of ruse-making. They even have a means of transport that's bigger on the inside, except it's a turtle instead of a phone box.
  • Evangelion - While it does not involve space-time travel, it does play with the concept that humanity has been intentionally engineered by an outside species, and it has a fairly similar dramatis personnae to a particular era of Doctor Who: Asuka is a shouty cow, Rei is so emotionless that she's almost dull and underwhelming at times, and our main character, Shinji, is a fairly timid, underimposing, and vanilla-but-not-bland "accidental hero" of sorts.
  • Love Live - It's an anime about how young girls sing to prevent something bad happening.

Trivia Edit

Lawrence Miles wanted Doctor Who to come back as an anime, which speaks a lot about him.

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