Being awesome in The Five Doctors.


Antonio Anally (1932 - 2004), real name Neil Toynay, was a Britfag actor best known for playing The Mattress in Doctor What The Fuck throughout the 80's.

Story Edit

Ainley was the fourth actor to play the Master and the first to portray the Master as a recurring role after the death of Roger Delgado in 1973.

He first appears in the 1981 story The Keeper of Traken and returned almost every season up until the cancellation of the original series in 1989, including the final story Survival.

He returned for the 1997 BBC computer game Destiny of the Doctors, and later for the Twelfth Doctor story Robot of Sherwood, looking remarkably good for someone who had been dead for 13 years.

Trivia Edit

Ainley's great love of the role is often mentioned in DVD documentaries and commentaries. Eric Saward claimed that Ainley used to introduce himself over the phone by saying "This is the Master" and then laughing.

Ainley didn't do much other acting. Colin Baker said "He only ever wanted to play the Master".

Ainley remained unmarried throughout his life. Not to imply anything here, but his Master was pretty damn camp.

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