"Don't worry Doc, I speak aboriginal"

Australia at war

Australia goes to war.

THE TIMELORDS KLF - Doctorin' The Tardis02:22

THE TIMELORDS KLF - Doctorin' The Tardis

Of course it features music based on pedophilia.

Australian Landscape

The Australian Landscape

Australia is a barren, hopeless convict colony of Great Britain colonised and populated by the worst scum of the British Empire, and consequently has had a long-time relationship with shitty BBC children's show Doctor Who. Insert epin joke about dangerous wild-life, the word "cunt" or Fosters (shit no one actually drinks, by the way) here.

Australia and Doctor Who Edit

In fact, we can lay blame some of the shows beginnings at the feet of two Ausshits - writers Anthony Coburn and C.E. Webber, both Australians, were involved heavily in the show's pre-production and together wrote An Unearthly Child. Wait, what the fuck, the show's theme was composed by an Aussie, too?

Australian kids, much like their British counterparts, grew up peeping up at Daleks from behind the sofa due to the series being aired on ABC (the Aussie BBC) both during the initial run and daily afternoon repeats during the Wilderness Years. As such, Australians have a particular fondness for Doctor Who due to close cultural ties - quite unlike the fandom the show has in America. Thanks to NuWho, this shitty tradition continues.

Australia is also home to a low budget version of Doctor Who: The Fan Show called Whovians that airs after every Doctor Who episode on ABC 2 (for kids). It basically consists of a bunch of people sitting around and discussing take a guess.

Appearances Edit

Companion Tegan Jovanka was an Australian, and the Second Doctor visited the country's fine beaches in The Enemy of the World.

Got it's first mention in NuWho (if you don't count all the static images they use) in The Pilot, when the Doctor and asBill travel to Sydney to escape the evil water.

Trivia Edit

Australians are also responsible for by far the best creation to emerge from the Doctor Who franchise, Doctor Who Meets Mad Max: Ether Overdrive.

Australians are actually so cancerous they have entire Wikipedia article dedicated to the history of them fucking around with Doctor Who, by the way.

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