The working title of every story ever.

Autism general
Who Autism

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Autism the musical

With music and lyrics by Ian Levine.

Literally everything related to Doctor Who ever is tainted with autism. It is the most hideous affliction in the known universe. Autism is canonically caused by the anti-cooties vaccine.

Background Edit

According to the ancient records of galactic history, the early Universe was ruled by the Sperg Lords, a species that delighted in fucking up everything in the universe and then moaning over why it had suddenly turned to shit. The Sperg Lords however, were overthrown by the slave caste, the Autismaleyans, led by Chris-chassilon, who were stirred by his rousing speeches about how they wouldn't die alone and would finally get their waifu if they overthrown those spergs. The ensuing war was brutal and altered the reality of the universe, resulting in the Sperg Lords fleeing into the Retard Universe or R-Space, and the Autismaleyans becoming the Time Lords and spreading their affliction throughout the whole of reality.

For some reason autism is linked with the color blue - Sonic the Hedgehog, Thomas the Tank Engine, Rainbow Dash, the fucking TARDIS - so obviously the only way to have had Doctor Who not attract autists would have been if the TARDIS took the form of a nice red telephone box instead.

Sufferers and hives of autism include Edit

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