Bessie being driven by 12 and a pair of Pancakes.

The doctor in his car sorta

Jon Pertwee was devastated to learn he didn't get to keep Bessie.

Danny, Missy + Seb

An alternate theory on Splink's death.

Danny Car
Colin Dr Who 6
Tractor Who

Automobiles are an invention created by the Third Doctor so he'd always have a place to fuck Katy Manning.

Background Edit

While the Doctor drove a yellow one called Bessie, the true nature of the invention is much more sinister in that they were created as a device to kill the Delgado Mattress. Automobiles were also the mechanism the Sontarans used as a delivery device for their ATMOS device to terraform the Earth to make babby Sonties in a shitty two parter (oi, it was pretty good you pleb) starring David Tennant as The Doctor.

Trivia Edit

Danny Splink was killed and taken over by the Third Doctor.