BBC America
BBC America DW

BBC America is a website that celebrates the large penises of african americans. Its video hosting services are rarely issued DMCA takedowns, meaning it is the primary means by which most americans watch cheap trash british television like Doctor Who.


BBC America has some really strange programming guides, airing Doctor Who hopelessly out of order. New episodes are aired the same saturday they come out in Britain, but during the weekdays they air episodes seemingly at random in the mornings. Worse, Ecclescakes gets no love from BBC America, rarely getting any play unless as part of some kind of marathon (and not always then, either).

Worse than that, after the first airing, BBC America edits down the episodes by a few minutes to fit in more commercials, like nearly every channel in America does, the fuckers. Useless cruft they've cut out of episodes include such forgettable scenes as the Doctor in the lotus position on top of his Tardis saying "LISTEN", the Doctor telling a rabbit that he's the Oncoming Porn, Martha teleporting to Germany and meeting German speaking Daleks and such, the entire Italian family subplot from Turn Left, y'know, stuff that doesn't matter.

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