BBC Books

Reminder that books.

BBC Books are erotic literature that celebrate the large penises of... wait, we did that one already?

BBC Books is the literary arm of the government-funded octopus that is the British Broadcasting Corporation. They publish trash and scrap paper that's burned to keep eastern european orphanages warm.

Celebrity HistoricalEdit

Back in 1996, after Doctor Who got cancelled again, the virgins who were writing the books about Ace getting raped when she's not having lesbian sex and the Doctor killing babies just to get an erection were worried that the movie might cause some trouble for them. They took their concerns to the BBC, thinking that kindly old auntie beeb would give them a pat on the head and maybe a caramel and tell them not to worry about it. But they made one fatal mistake: They mentioned they were worried about their sales.

>worried about their sales
>their sales
>delicious currency
Sometime Never

Fun fact: In the BBC Books range, they retconned the Time Lords out, so instead they made the Doctor a giant crystal skull that went traveling in a shape-changing steamboat with the actual Doctor's maybe-daughter's daughter Zezanne.

Suddenly, the BBC decided it didn't make sense to pay someone else to write Doctor Who books when they could just be doing it themselves. How hard could it be, anyway? Get some cybermen, some hackneyed and worn out sci-fi tropes, maybe throw in a mention of the brigadier and boom, fanboys give you money just to support the show. Which, it must be reiterated, was fucking cancelled and never ever coming back.

Moreover, due to some minor backlash over the VNA-level dark content and themes of the Virgin years, it was decried that the BBC Books line would be more accessible to younger readers. Because, y'know, in 1997 the British fantasy book series every kid on the planet was reading was Doctor Fucking Who. Pushing ahead anyways, BBC Books put out two product lines: The Past Doctor Adventures and the Eighth Doctor Adventures.

So, with a one-two punch of some lazy garbage and some lazy garbage that didn't make sense, BBC Books set about ruining Doctor Who forever. And they would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for that meddling Mad Larry! Thanks to a herculean effort from numerous writers, each pulling in diametrically opposite directions, the brand managed to stay afloat for a few years, long enough for Big Finish to come along and carry it the rest of the way to the endzone of 2003, when both Scream of the Shalka and the new series were announced.

BBC Books quietly sank into the obscurity from whence it came, occasionally surfacing to deliver a New Series Adventure. Today, they mostly publish... well, I'm sure books anon will remind you every thread.


Sherlock books

Oh jesus, what? That's fucking sick, BBC Books. How could you, Moffat?

BBC Books is responsible for a lot of evil in the universe, but from that evil must also come some good.

Via the madness of their lax editorial standards, BBC Books is indirectly responsible for Faction Paradox, the Time War, and Iris Wildthyme, as well as the kickstart to get Big Finish going. So, yeah, some real winners there.