Babelcolour portrait

Bae-belcolour, also known as Stuart Humphryes, is a GOAT artist known for his colourising and video editing work, and is an example of an actually decent member of the Doctor Who Fandom. I know, few and far between aren't they?

Work Edit


Babel responding to critical praise.

Arguably his most popular project is The Ten Doctors quadrilogy, where he takes clips from episodes between 1963 and 2010 (aka, the good era of the show), edits them and stitches them together onto a cohesive series of events involving some deep-voiced dude giving the Doctor the ol' Dravin routine of pretending to be a goody-two-shoes but actually being a malevolent mothafucka. The first three parts are pretty awesome and straight forward, however part four is probably the most confusing GOATEST thing to ever exist because it throws the Moffat Doctors in there too and supports the Morbius Doctors theory FACT. You can watch em here, if you've somehow never seen them before.

For you canon snobs who look down upon fanmade projects as dirty dirty fanfiction, you might appreciate him for colourising episode 1 of The Mind of Evil and a short deleted scene from Terror of the Zygons for their subsequent DVD releases. His YouTube channel is host to a myriad of colourising tests and tribute videos to the history of Doctor Who and stuff like that. Seriously, go check it out, it's the shit.

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