Bigger on the Inside

Really? I hadn't noticed.

The Doctor cuts a hole in the TARDIS

It's timedicks in a box!
Timedicks in a box, baaaa~be.

TARDIS cosplay

Not to say it's not bigger on the outside too.
Sorry, that was rude. I mean, I'd still hit it so hard she'd still be jiggling on her deathbed, but there's only so many sex jokes this page can have.

It's bigger on the inside!
— Anon, having sex for the first time

Much like the female sexual organ, the TARDIS is bigger on the inside. In fact, the show's made that very same connection a few times.

But how can that be?Edit

Dimensional transcendetalism, television, boxes, something like that. It's basically another dimension.


Idris is bigger on the inside too. Not Idris Elba, Idris the Tardis.

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