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Blakes 7 is a British sci-fi show by Terry Nation that ran from 1978-1981.


In the same way that Star Trek is the ultimate expression of an Americans utopian vision of a future full of peace and love triumphing over all, Blakes 7 is the ultimate expression of a Welshmans utopian vision of a future full of evil English people keeping the galaxy in line with drugs, propaganda, and brainwashing.

But one man is brave enough to rebel against them. For which he gets sent off to a prison planet to die, but through a series of accidents he and 5 criminals end up escaping with a sentient alien supership. That guy is named Blake, and thats why the shows called Blakes 7. You may wonder why 7 and not 6, but the ship has feelings too. Also, the annoyingly superior but also sometimes obsequious supercomputer they pick up counts sometimes, but not other times. Anyway, they soon solved that problem by writing Blake out of the show.


The trigger-happy UNIT captain who got killed by the Silurians plays Blake, an obsessive zealot whos perfectly happy to kill innocents if it hurts the evil government. That guy with the distinctive voice from all the Big Finish audios plays Avon, a ruthless sociopath who takes over after Blake gets written out and then gets even crazier because no two people ever pronounce his name the same way. The one constant member of their crew is the number two rebel against the Usurians Company as Vila, the cowardly thief. Theyre aided by a series of supercomputers all played by the Nerva Voices guy, each with a different comedy accent, and a series of female characters, each played by the hottest English chick they can find whos not already a Doctor Who companion (which often isnt all that hot), each of whom gets a lot of character development in her first few episodes and then gets forgotten. Also a big guy early on and an arrogant asshole guy later.

Their main opposition is the Androgum chick as Servalan, whos Thatcher But Sexy, and that robot engineer they cleverly named Borg as Space Commander Travis, who has no motivation beyond Must Kill Blake.

Connections to Doctor WhoEdit

Besides being created by Terry Nation and handed off to Chris Boucher and David Maloney, and scored by Dudley Simpson and using the Radiophonics team for "special sounds", it was also filmed right next door to Doctor Who, and used the same pool of guest stars (including Colin Baker), and had the same brilliant SFX team. Also, lots of corridors and lots of quarries.

Blakes 7 took a lot of inspiration from Quatermass, and was often compared to it, and was regularly publicly slagged by Quatermass creator Nigel Kneale, just like Doctor Who.

Also, there are three characters with the last name Tarrant, as in every Dalek-related story in classic Who, because everything Terry Nations ever written has a character with some variation of that name, because his signature looks like "TerrNt" and he thinks thats hilarious.


There were many hints that Blakes 7 was in the same universe as Doctor Who, although all the most obvious ones Terry wanted to do (like a Dalek invasion, or Blake and the Fourth Doctor colliding in a corridor) were vetoed. At the same time, characters in Doctor Who refer to Blakes 7 as a TV show as often as they refer to Star Trek—for example, the first time Tegan sees a T-mat, she says, "Oh, like on Blakes".

Since Doctor Who itself is a TV show in Doctor Who, that shouldn't be a problem, but one of Dave Stones VNAs fixed it anyway by establishing the 1970s TV show purely by coincidence chronicles the real history of the late 26th century--but the in-universe TV show isnt quite the same as the one weve seen, since it was created by Douglas Adams rather than Terry Nation. Bravo Stone.

Anyway, some people think Kaldor City is canon Doctor Who because its based on two lines from The Robots of Death, but its actually canon because the main guy is probably Avon from Blakes 7 in disguise.


After Terry Nation died, some people tried to bring the show back as an American co-produced TV movie. Because that worked so well for Doctor Who. When that fell through, one of the writers tried to get the BBC to finance an animated series, maybe with a limited-animation webcast as a pseudo-pilot, promising to bring in Andrew Cartmel, Marc Platt, and Ben Aaronovitch as writers if the series happened. Because Scream of the Shalka worked even better for Doctor Who. Then they brought in Matthew Graham to help redevelop the show, because Fear Her was the most successful NuWho episode ever.

Then they decided to stop copying Doctor Who and try to get an American remake done with a new cast except for one actor from the original series, because that worked so well for Red Dwarf.

Australians will know a Blakes 7 remake is unnecessary because they already had one by the name of Farscape.

Finally, the Nation estate decide to just do the inevitable and take back the rights and give them to Big Finish.


Being basically a subset of Doctor Who fandom, you can guess what Blakes 7 fandom is like.

Besides whether it takes place in the Doctor Who universe, their biggest running argument among fans is whether the name of the show has an apostrophe in it, as seen in the Radio Times listings and in proper English, or not, as seen in the logo. Spelling it either way online is a good way to incite a flame war.


Like all of Terrys shows, its horribly pessimistic and dystopian. Unlike all of the other ones, its also a lot of fun. You dont often get the two together. Also, the ending is brilliant.

Anyway, every Doctor Who fan who grew up watching Pertwee or Tom already knows it and loves it. But every Doctor Who fan who grew up later hates it. So, I could tell you its GOAT, but youre not going to believe me. Damn whippersnappers with their Babylonian Fives and their Stargate Defenders wouldnt know good sci-fi if it crawled up their arse and kicked their spleen.

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