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The Bristol Boys: Bob & Dave.

Bob & Dave

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Bristol Boys Writing Credits

Bob Baker of the Bristol Boys is a BAFTA-winning Brit.


Bob Baker and Dave Martin co-wrote and co-submitted a whole lot of scripts for Doctor Who, and eventually got some picked up. In only 8 stories, they managed to invent K-9, Omega, the Black Guardian, plus a bunch of aliens that nobody but BBV would ever consider licensing separately.

After Martin died, Baker and Paul Tams co-wrote and co-produced a spin-off series to milk the K9 copyright. And, after that series died, they decided to do a K9 vs. Omega movie. I'm sure the Black Guardian is coming next, and then the Axons.

In between, he co-wrote a bunch of other sci-fi stuff with Dave Martin, co-wrote all of Wallace and Gromit (except the first one) with Nick Park, co-wrote the animated bits of Vision On with Laurie Booth, co-wrote...

Basically, if it's British, he probably wrote it, but always with someone else.

Probably because the one time he tried to write something solo, it was Nightmare of Eden.

Stories Edit

With Martin:


Plus, he's co-showruiner for K9, and wrote some of the episodes, and he's co-writing and co-producing the Timequake movie, but that doesn't count because it's all canon and Doctor Who isn't.