Brian blessed doc

Oh, how history might have changed.

BRIAN BLESSED is an EEEeeenglish actor, wr-r-riter, boxer, mountaineer, Polar Bear slayer, and WOLF-rapist. He played King Yrcanos in a most MISERABLE story and married Peri, much to her horror. He is also the father of the canon 9th Doctor via RUMPY-PUMPY!!


Is marrying Brian Blessed a fate worse than death? Ask Nicola Bryant Blessed.

It is WEEEELL-known that BRIAN BLESSED was almost literally one of the only people ever considered for playing the Sixth Doctor. However, what is NOT particularly well-known is that he was ALSO considered for playing the SECOND Doctor. I UuuUuuURGE you now post quotes and script notes below showing what might have said and done had HE been cast as THESE respective Doc-TORS. HA-HAaaaHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Brian Blessed as the Second Doctor Edit

In General Edit


The Power of the Daleks Edit


"And the Lord said, love thy neighbor...unless of course he's a Dalek, in which case KILL THE BASTARD!!"

The War Games Edit

The War Chief: "You see? I'm not the cold-hearted villain you suppose me to be. My motives are purely peaceful."

The Doctor: "Okay, now BULLOCKS TO THIS!" *Hits the War Chief on the head with a chair*

Brian Blessed as the Sixth Doctor Edit

The Twin Dillemma Edit

"CHANGE, my dear!! And it SEEMS not a MOMENT too SOON!!"

"AH!! A noble BROW!!. Clear GAZE. At least it WILL be, given a few hours sleep. A FIRM mouth. A face BEAMING with a vast INTELLIGENCE!!. My DEAR child, what on Earth ARE YOU complaining about?"

"...And we all know the fate...of ALIEN SPIES!!!" *punches Peri like she was a polar bear*

Vengeance on Varos Edit

*sees people dissolving in acid...bursts out laughing*

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