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Tennant and Colman witnessing Danny Pink forgetting SPLINK.

Broadchurch is a sitcom set in North America written by future showruiner Chris Chinballs, providing a waste of time for former Doctor Who stars, and a paycheck.

The sitcom has 2 seasons and a 3rd has been greenlit by ShITV. The show has been globally panned and cited as a cause of cancer by reliable sources such as the Daily Mail.

Basically, it's Twin Peaks only serious.


President Borusa has taken three of the Doctor's incarnations out of time and placed them inside a simulation of a small Earth village, forcing all three to be under the influence of the Chameleon Arch. Now that they believe they're human, Borusa uses this as a distraction to once again seek immortality and become God.

Inside the village simulation - really just a Death Zone in a pocket universe - characters who are a part of the Doctor's past are placed too; some hostile, some not. All amnesiacs, none of them know their own motives and are forced to live out human lives to entertain the Time Lords. But it's only a matter of time before one of them snaps and begins to kill... but who?

Doctor Who Characters That Show Up HereEdit

  • Ten
  • One/Solomon
  • Thirteen
  • Prisoner Zero
  • Gwen Cooper
  • Rory Williams
  • Psi from Time Heist
  • The Empress of the Racnoss
  • That one Time Lord who asked the General about the Moment
  • That guy who ran away from the Anne Droid while playing the Weakest Link
  • Nasreen from that Silurian two-parter
  • Klein
  • John Frobisher's friend
  • Hindle
  • Some patient from New Earth
  • Martha's mom
I mean, are you srurprised? There's only so many people to choose from on these shitty little islands.

And hell, most of them avoid Ireland like the plague (and Welsh people too).


Broadchurch got an american remake, so you know it has to be good. It's also drawing out its plot unnecessarily into a third series. The torturous experience of working on Broadchurch has driven Tennant to become a purple rapist on Netflix.

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