"Aaaah! Look out, it's the Cthalctose!" Jesus Christ...

Bruce Springsteen was a popular American singer who became President of the United States in some lame Doctor Who book. He was the direct successor of Tom Dering and predecessor of President Norris, according to the Eighth Doctor's recollection.

The biggest crisis in the Springsteen presidency was doubtless his attempts to negotiate with the Cthalctose and control the effects of Agent Yellow. He was married to Margaret Springsteen, who worked for the "Department of Health" in Geneva and was... 


WTF, did that really happen in a Doctor Who book? Someone really wrote a Doctor Who story for a book somewhere and seriously made fucking Bruce Springsteen the president of the US and had him negotiating with aliens? Fucking hell, who published that? Who would want to fucking read that? And who the fuck would bother to take the time to list this on their wiki? Oh, right.

Cor, here I thought I'd just sit down and steal a "random page" article from over there and what the fuck do I come up with? Bruce Goddamn Springsteen as the President of the US, that's what.  This is one of the most retarded things I have ever seen in my entire goddamn life - wait, no, the second most retarded thing, only topped by whatever cuntwaddle over at TDC thought it was worth enshrining this steaming pile on their wiki. Seriously guys, why not just drop a video of Tom Baker giving that alien from The Creature In The Pit a blow job right on on your wiki's front page while you're at it?  Sure, on this superior wiki we'll mention or even highlight the asinine bullshit this show generates far too often, but we will do so whilst calling it for what it is. There is no fucking way we'd list this kind of crap here without pointing out how indescribably lame it is.

Goddamn it TDC, get it together man. Fuck but that's embarrassing for you guys.

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