You were my second choice for this, Mister Delaware.
That's okay. You were my second choice for President, Mister Nixon.

Canton Everett Delaware III - Man In Black

Walk in shadow, move in silence
Guard against extra-terrestrial violence


"Doctor Who, I'm FBI."

Canton Everett Delaware III adjusts a bowtie

If I pull that off, will you die?

Canton and Nixon discuss sexuality and race relations in 1970s america

Even in the 1960s. Even in America. It never stops.

Canton Everett Delaware III gets old

He was a big guy.
Goodnight sweet prince ;_;

Canton Everett Delaware III could have been the NuWho Brigadier, between his ostentatious name, his government contacts, his badass nature, and the 1970's adventures he was sure to have. Canton is proof that Series Shit could've been good.

Story Edit

He was a gun-toting g-man who straight up shot an alien and it actually worked. Hell, he was even a homogay, a little something for the tumblr crowd. He could have been a recurring character that would have been GOAT. Instead, he was just a potential companion who showed up at the start of series 6 and didn't even get a cameo in the finale.

Fucking Moffat...

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