Who is kill

"It's the end... The end of time"
Really Moffat?

Capaldi's Last Episode is everything this shit show has been building up to. It's even better than Heaven Sent I swear. It’s a 4 hour extravaganza of Doctor Who nerdery.


The special begins with non other than William “Line?” Hartnell as host interviewing important Doctor Who figures like Patrick Troughton, The Splinkmaster and a young attractive Lalla Ward. After an hour of interviews the episode begins with Twelve not giving a single fuck as he breaks every single law of time while keeping his composure. As every single enemy to appear in the Doctor Who universe teams up to beat 12 (yes, even the non canon book ones), Capaldi (still on the war path of his total annihilation of time) goes back to Gallifrey to unleash ‘universe ending’ time lord tech on the multiverse. As the stars go out, seemingly out of nowhere, Craig Ferguson appears in the Tardis. After a brief exchange of unintelligible Scottish, Capaldi takes a moment of reflection realizing what he was doing, then proceeds to have a jam session with Craig. As he plays he slowly starts to regenerate. As we barely get a glimpse of thirteen’s face it cuts to black then white letters spelling out "Fuckety Bye, have fun with the next fucktard” - <3 Moff & Capaldi appears on screen followed by The Doctor Who theme.


10/10 honestly, great ending to The Golden Age. Unfortunately as GOAT as this episode was, it marked the beginning of the end… RIP

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