You will never, ever forget.


The Doctors meet Jack.

Captain Jack "Never Forget" Harkness (played by Barrow Man) is the universe's biggest slut. He was a companion to the Ninth and Tenth Doctors.

Character Edit

Captain Jacked Hardness is an immortal time traveller who has fucked every species, gender and hole in existence. He will fuck your dog if it looks sexy enough.

Harkness is known for his love of tight asses and once buggered Prince Charles on a dare. Rumor has it that he becomes a large fucking head with testicle dreadlocks.

He is known to be armed with an arse gun at all times.

Appearances Edit

Jack first appeared in the 2005 episode The Empty Child and was last seen in 2010's The End of Time.

Despite having a long and storied run as the MOST IMPORTANT COMPANION SINCE THE PREVIOUS MOST IMPORTANT COMPANION during the Russell T. Jimmies era, Captain Jack never showed up during Steven Moffat's reign. He was apparently supposed to return for A Good Man Goes to War, where he would have been decapitated, which actually would have been kind of clever, but Barrowman didn't return because he's based and hates Moffat's writing.

Touchwood Edit

The character was spun off into a show named Touchwood and became one of the only shows on television considered to be worse than Doctor Who.

Trivia Edit

Jack is beautiful and has magnificent teeth.

He fucked a 4channer in a hotel during a convention. Never forget.

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