They say that older Carole was the inspiration for the design of Yzma from The Emperor's New Groove.

Camel Man Bored is an actress who had the displeasure of playing the Doctor's barely legal totally too young to bone heheheh *looks around anxiously* granddaughter Shoesan Foreman. It was a role she played by constantly screaming like she was on the verge of reaching vaginal satisfaction, which we all know isn't possible as the female orgasm is a myth.

Career Edit

After leaving because she could no longer put up with poor Billy forgetting his lines, she wanted to play a prostitute on some other fuckin TV show, which outraged parents across the country because they let their children stay up to watch it under the impression that she was going to be playing a character who was as sweet and innocent as little Soozann.

Now Edit

Carole now periodically meets up with Chrissie so they can share their hatred for Cocktor Hoo and its fans for ruining their careers. On the bright side though, she does Big Finish where she plays a stronger more independent Susan who don't need no grandfather.