Gareth knows the score

This happened twice.

Not to be confused with actual cats.

Cat's big toe.

Mica Xavier "Cats12" Johnson was a black nationalist, a murderer, a jew, a homosexual, and a tripfag on /who/. His short, stupid life came to an end when he got blown up by a robot. Unfortunately he was able to return to us via an extraction chamber and now we're stuck with him forever. Well, at least until his next dramatic goodbye. Let's hope that comes soon, for all our sakes.


fuck off cats

martha's crooked teeth is a shit meme

you're good for a shitpost sometimes tho

"[cats] is stupid" - cats' older brother

gato. naked the teth meme and keep calljin cetus on poeople

bizarre obsession over john wiles

cats supports a twink companion

cats is gay

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