Part of a long, proud tradition of evil religious leaders.

Carlos "Charlie Sheen" Estevez is a mexican high priest, politician, author, pornographer, musician, amateur actor, and jihadi. He possesses the legendary Tiger Blood of Tlotoxl.


Wait, did I just make a "tiger blood" joke? In the year of our lord 2015? Jesus, what's happened to my life. What, am I gonna caption that pic to the right with "Winning!"? Oh my god, am I really talking to myself on a parody wiki based on a doctor who general thread from 4chan? Not even that, I'm typing to myself about it, fucking hell what's going on with the world. And you're reading it, too!

Truly, we are the lost generation.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Tlotoxl, in addition to having a name nobody in the cast could hope to pronounce, was the son of American president Jed Bartlett. His brother was also the coach of the mighty ducks of Anaheim, which is a stupid name for a professional hockey team. And he had the AIDS.

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