Eats rocks

Badgers have been known to chew through solid stone like this little fucker here just to fuck with you.

Charlie the Badger was thought to be a hand puppet given to Matt Smith (the Eleventh Doctor) as a Christmas gift by Charlie McDonnell, a presenter for Doctor Who Confidential.

Smith was genuinely pleased with the gift and tried to create a character for the programme with it but Moffat (remembering the whole "Tom Baker and his talking cabbage" thing) fortunately didn't listen to his mile-a-minute coked-out rantings. It was later revealed that Smith had in fact received a real badger, not a puppet, when he lost three fingers, part of his right nostril and required extensive stitches and a later course of plastic surgery. Smith's health reacted badly to the surgeries which caused his hair to fall out over the next couple of seasons. This amused a number of the production cast except for Karen Gillan who shaved her own head in support.

The badger was later seen in a corner of Mrs. Gillyflower's drawing room during the epsiode "The Gatiss Pastiche," gnawing on Dame Diana Rigg's left foot, but she was too drunk to notice it until the episode aired.

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