Rose + Jackie

Chavs gonna chav.

Yo dawg straight shota

Eleven year olds, dude.


This literally ended with her killing herself.

Japanese textbook

Even Japanese schoolchildren know.


billie boutta glass a cunt


'Ah, could've been worse. Look at the ears.'

Chavs are a species of white trash endemic to Britain. Russel T. Davies made it canon that chavs are the best way to overcome post-traumatic stress disorder and the horrors of fighting a war and committing genocide.

A strange yet popular species of afterbirth they have a wide love of Lambrini and sucking off Fat Lesbian Prostitutes.

Oi whut bruv I'll hook you in the gabba mate sware on me mumEdit

In America, white trash usually tends to condense in rural areas, and goes by many names that reflect this culture and locale: redneck, hillbilly, Toby Keith fan, etc. However, in the much more urbanized nation of England, white trash is mostly relegated to council estates, where they leach off the welfare state, sell drugs, and have kids at age 11.

Chavs in Doctor WhoEdit

The episode Rose introduced the Doctor to Chavs, namely in the form of Rose and Jackie Tyler. Rose's "punky fresh" sweater would memorably dominate the screen during the incredibly touching moment when the Doctor kissed her and sacrificed his life to save her in The Parting of the Ways.

Later, when Lady Cassandra took over Rose's body, the revelation she had become a chav was such a shock to her that she almost vacated and voluntarily died right on the spot.

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