It has rather cruelly been suggested that I will cheerfully sacrifice plot and character in pursuit of a gag. It's a lie of course. I would only do that for a good gag.
— Chris Boucher

Chris Boucher

Chris Boucher is a Docked Her Hoohah writer known for his ability to blend wit and horror, and for inventing Leela's skimpy outfit. Leela was based on PLO hijacker Leila Khaled, who Chris had a bit of a boner for.

Not to be confused with Chris Bidmead, who wrote stories about the science of the TARDIS, Chris Bailey, who wrote stories about the Mara, Chris Bulis, who wrote stories so forgettable that they accidentally reused his titles, Christ Bin Nazareth, who wrote the Bible indirectly by divinely inspiring his human apostles, or Chris Bucephalus, who's not a writer at all but a novel with a very silly name.

Stories Edit

He only wrote three stories, all with Four and Leela:

  • The Face of Evil: The Doctor has to Kirk an evil computer god, but the evil computer god is him. Also, Leela in her native habitat. Some people hate it, but some people are stupid; it's not deep, but it's a nice light adventure to break up the Hinchcliffe-Holmes era.
  • The Robots of Death: Robots. Death. GOAT. If you don't already know this one, go watch it.
  • Image of the Fendahl: Demon worshippers with an actual demon. Some people hate it, but some people are stupid; it's a bit slow, but it's some well-done dark shit to break up the Williams era.

Career Edit

Then he had to go save Blakes 7 from its creator, because apparently nobody had told Davros that demanding to be allowed to write a show solo means you have to actually write 10 complete scripts. Brought in to help "edit" a few scripts that were basically just treatments, he became showruiner in all but name by the middle of the first season, leaving him no more time to add more Satan to Doctor Who.

Boucher also script-edited a bunch of crime dramas, and created Star Cops, which is a crime drama set halfway between the present and Blakes 7, which was actually pretty decent but got canceled before the first season finished.

He also wrote four PDAs, again all with Four and Leela.

Nowadays, he's mostly retired, but he wrote an episode for Kaldon City, an audio series that one of his fans created and makes in his basement. and some pretty funny sarcastic replies to letters-to-the-editor from shocked Christians.

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