Christopher Barry

Christopher Barry is one of three people who directed all of the first four Doctors, and he was the first Morbius Doctor, and he did some wilderness years stuff like directing Downtime, and he was the first of the many people named Chris B. to work on the show, and… that's pretty much the only interesting things about him.

He was definitely a solid director, with a pretty wide range, but not spectacular. He did some of the better classic stories, but they're mostly ones remembered for good scripts like The Power of the Daleks, not ones remembered for good direction saving a flawed script like The Seeds of Death or something.

So, that's why he had the most redlinks of anyone on this wiki, which I've now fixed, but I can't think of anything to write here. Even TDC doesn't have much to say about him.

He died by falling off an escalator. There was an inquest, but they concluded that the cause of his fall was being 88 years old, not an evil corporate conspiracy to take over the world or anything.

Stories Edit


Pretty good, and seems like he was a nice guy. RIP, Chris Boucher Bidmead Bailey Barry.

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