"One day, I shall come back and do Big Finish audios. Yes, I shall come back. Until then, there must be no regrets, no tears, no anxieties. Just go forward in all your beliefs and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine. Goodbye, fans. Goodbye."
— The Ninth Doctor.


Based Eccleston.

Karl Pilkington

Christopher Eccleston, seen here discussing his involvement in the 50th Anniversary.


After leaving Doctor Who, Eccleston soon had a mansion full of Thor 2 money.

Chris' last words
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Ladies and gentlemen, the Working Class actor.

Dinner with Eccleston

Sir Christopher "Don't treat the crew like shit or I'll leave" Ecclescunt, Esq. is a British Actor who played the Ninth Doctor from 2005 to 2005.  

He was originally going to stay on for a few more series but because people were being treated like complete dog shit he told the production team to fuck themselves and dropped out early. Russell T. Davies begged him to stay but Ecclescunt slapped him across the face "I'm leaving you fat fucking welshman, go fuck yourself" and left never to return. 

50th Anniversary Edit

He was offered to reprise his role in the 8th Anniversary episode The Day of the Doctor and even went to a few meetings with Steven Morefat but it turned out he was just ruseing him and at the last minute Eccleston jumped up and shouted "Fuck you, you fat Scottish cunt! You can shove your shitty script up your arse, I'm going to make more money doing proper acting!" and he flew out of the window farting loudly out of his ass. As of November 2014 Eccleston hasn't been seen since.

Morefoot Edit

Steven Moffat once said that Eccelston wasn't the easiest of actors to work with in an AMA hosted on the popular site 4chan.

"During my time working with Eccelston he was quite agitated, a lot of the staff didn't like him, and he often would spit at the chefs who made food for the crew. He had a violent temper, but was often calmed down by Billie. I can understand why he wanted to leave, however I feel that a lot goes unsaid. And the media have a way of spinning things which isn't necessarily the truth."

Reception Edit

/who/ generally ranks him quite high in their best doctor rankings, people say he's "GOAT" and one of the "best actors" to play the role, though considering he only did one series he didn't stay on long enough for his Doctor to get inevitably ruined by a shitty story.

Was also very good in that movie role recently, where he played the... I think he was a soldier or something? I don't know, I didn't see it.

I mean he's decent.

Oh and he was in Heroes, too. You remember Heroes? It was pretty good for the first season, and then it shat the bed. Yeah, he was alright in that.

He got most of his scenes cut from Thor 2 to make room for Loki. Marvel is a terrible company. Eccleleceston has also appeared in stellar productions like G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. The man has made a lot of good choices since leaving Doctor Who. Leftovers was quite good pleb.

The "Working Class" Actor Edit

Eccleston is widely believed, mostly by people named Christopher Eccleston, to be the "working class" actor. I'm not entirely sure what the fuck that means, but he's so working class, won't take plebian jobs, he had a very tightly-knit, stable family, is generally kind of poncey about a lot of very simple things, and to top it all, he's also so working class that the mere photoshoot price was £85 (which, to be fair, that sort of thing is often as determined by agents as much as actors, if not moreso).

This may have something to do with newfound facts revealed about why he actually left Doctor Who. First of all, he has claimed that he had issues with "three people on the very top of the pyramid", meaning that he most likely had issues with RTD, Julie Gardner, and Mal Young. Secondly, in this interview, he seems to lambaste the style of production the most, suggesting that it might have been the sheer lack of seriousness in Revival Doctor Who that he had problems with. He probably had a row with one of the producers and then left in a huff. Afterwards, he got blacklisted. So not some heroic story about standing up to bullying directors after all. Just a row with producers over creative differences.

It might seem a bit much to blacklist Eccleston over a silly bout of shouting, but the interesting thing is that this is hardly the first time that Eccleston did this to a show. He also did this to Fortitude and Safe House. We aren't sure why he keeps doing this, and we think he may have a personality disorder called "being Northern". Being Northern is a serious emotional condition, and it is believed that at least 20% of the Yorkshire population suffers from this.

As of March 2018, all of this has been confirmed! Christopher Eccleston has finally revealed that the three individuals at the very top of the pyramid were indeed RTD, Julie Gardner, and Mal Young. Even when off of 4chan, /who/ has done it again!!

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