Rigsy beholding Clara's fat arse.


Reunited in Series 9

Clara’s fat arse is the Holy Grail of the Doctor Who universe, Zoe's aside.

I would eat cupcakes out of it.

Background Edit

It is the bulbous, supple and flabby posterior of Clara Oswald; warm to the touch, sweet to the sniff and somewhat clammy with grillsweat.

Clara’s fat arse is recognized by most civilizations as an object worthy of ravaging, and countless have perished in the pursuit of this noble cause. Just one hero possessed a horsecock fit for the task, but the mental strain of a valiant effort proved too great and he subsequently forgot to SPLINK.

Trivia Edit

The presence of hair in Clara’s fat arse split is still a point of contention amongst Doctor Who scholars. Clara's arse qualifies her as a PAWG.