MOFFAT OUT, Bring back RTD!
/who/ after The Diner took off

Clara & me

Shitty mockup poster for a show that's never happening.

Clara + Me



Clara & Me work out how to run a TARDIS without blowing up time and the universe. After fucking each other.


/who/ realizing they cant travel with Pancakes and Quasimodo.

Angry Clala who reception

People standardly angry at Moffat.

Tumblr tier fanfic

Tumblr-Tier fanfic spawning on /who/.

Clara & Me Fanfic 2

by Gallifrey_Immigrant(Probably).

Clara & Me (aka. Clara Who) is a canon spinoff that Moffuck created in 2015 after he made Pancakes a time zombie and allowing her to steal a Tardis, traveling with Ashildr for the rest of time, which made /who/ go into an autistic rampage, calling Series 9 "The worst thing since Series 2" for about 12 hours. Their TARDIS took the shape of a Diner for god knows what reason so now there's a diner flying around in space BRAVO MOFFAT.


After it hit /who/ they wouldn't see Clala with Mr. Capaldick together anymore, a sensible amount of people wanted to go traveling with Clara & Me instead of The Doctor, yet realizing they couldn't spawned a meme about how shitty their lives are without them. That's why, as I'm writing this, Doctor Who is getting canceled and being replaced with this more superior, sensible, SJW pandering show.


There was none, It's an ongoing battle of autism that has somehow angered some people more than than the transgender regeneration. Seriously. Some people liked it some people didn't but, since this is /who/, It was garbage how dare Moffat make THE MOST IMPORTANT COMPANION immortal.

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