Invasion of the Cletuses

How to tell your Cletuses (Cleti?) from your SJWs, cucks, commies, and libertarians.

Cletus Cull

Cletus is a derogatory slur for people with conservative views. The term is derived from the name Cletus, commonly associated with those living in rural areas. Despite this, "Cletus" has become a catch-all term for any conservative - not just inbred hicks but also rich white boys, senile Bible-thumpers and other deplorables.

Story Edit

Cletuses have a long, complicated relationship with /who/. many years ago, the Cletus menace has haunted our live threads with bigoted remarks. But, during the off-season they were always busy with the grain harvest, leaving our general in relative peace.

However, it seems the times have changed, with the advent of recent events they have become far more common during the off season. Oftentimes they throw smoke bombs into our dead threads to garner a reaction, and sometimes they just get half the thread deleted.

Cletus arguments Edit

Provided below for easy filtering:

>muh white genocide
>muh rebel pride
>all black people are ugly (unlike me)
>zoophilia is not a choice
>legalise same-family marriage
>more than two types of tractor
>"white trash" is hate speech
>"cletus" is the new "nigger"
>barry soetoro

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