Colin Brake

Colin Estram Mr Seta Mister Saxon Torchwood Kaled Brake is a soap-opera writer who helped many kids decide their destinies.


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Late in the Sixth Doctor era, JNT was afraid of Eric Saward, so he went looking for a new script editor who would take the job and fire his own predecessor. While watching Eastenders, he saw the name "Colin Brake" as their script editor, and for some reason that name seemed familiar.

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In preparation for this moment, Colin had stolen the TARDIS, gone back in time, cunningly disguised his name, and used his hypnotic powers to look like a smallish, balding man with glasses and get himself a job writing soap operas. Once he became script editor for Doctor Who, he would turn the TARDIS into a Paradox Machine so that he could bring back pies from the end of the universe that had already been eaten and eat them again.

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Unfortunately, he went too deep, and forgot he was undercover. There's no way a respected soap writer at the peak of his career would take a job writing for a dying sci-fi kiddie show, so he rejected it, forcing JNT to hire some guy who writes 3D computer software, because that's pretty much the same thing as writing a TV show, right?

But by the mid-90s, all the other British soaps were being written by people involved in the VNAs, so ironically, in order to maintain his cover, he had to begin writing Doctor Who prose as well. He started off small, with a short story, but soon he was writing novels for BBC Books, and audios for Big Finish, and he even stuck around after the Wilderness Years ended to write New Series Adventures crap.

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By the mid-2010s, Colin had written for most of the Doctors by now, except for Sixie of course. But his true Destiny, which he didn't get to Decide, was to write half the gamebooks in the Make Your Own Adventure Find Your Fate Decide Your Destiny series.

If Colin remains a Doctor Who tie-in novelist forever, turn to page 103. If he desperately finds some way out, turn to page 41.

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Colin finally escaped back to soap operas in 2015 by writing an episode of Doctors called The Doctor about an autistic Doctor Who fan.

There's your good ending. You win.


Some of his stuff is comfy. He captures well-established characters like the Second Doctor and Jamie perfectly, he can make a trad runaround seem fun, and he can throw in a bad pun and then hit you with something actually funny while you're still groaning.

But he can't introduce an original character to save his life, or handle sci-fi concepts, which means he'll always be remembered—by the six people that read the novels—as the guy who wrote the book that ended and completely ruined the stuck-on-Earth-again-with-amnesia-again arc.