Doctor, are you going to kiss me?
— Craig Owens


Epic memery.

Closing Time 11 + Craig

Don't speak
I know just what you're saying
So please stop explaining
Don't tell me 'cause it hurts

Craig Owens (played by James Corden) is a big guy who defeated the Cybermen (who wanted them to be their Controller in a nice homage to Attack of the Cybermen) with the power of love (though honestly it would have made more sense to "pay homage" to Earthshag with defeating them by eating a good meal, he'd definitely beat them there).

His first appearance set up a very intriguing idea (who built that fake TARDIS?) that was eventually resolved in a single line in Day of the Moon.

Story Edit

Craig was foreveralone when he met the Doctor but later managed to somehow marry a qt and have a baby named STORMAGEDDON, DARK LORD OF ALL who turned out to be another anagrammatically-named Mastress in disguise plot hook.

Unfortunately he died after overdosing on bacon.

Appearances Edit

Craig first appears in The Lodger (2010) and is last seen in Closing Time (2011).

Trivia Edit

The Doctor kissed him passionately and he loved it.

Famously failed to cover his belly.

Was fat.

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