Cult of Skaro

Left to right: Sec, who gives a fuck, the Genesis Ark, who gives a fuck. Caan's in there somewhere, probably.

Dalek Sek


Dalek Caan


The Cult of Skaro was a quartet of Daleks established during the Time War, given authority above even the Emperor, and gifted with unique personalities and identities with the goal of using their imagination and creativity to establish new strategies and plans for how to win the war. You can tell this all worked because they all look and act exactly like every other Dalek in the entire series and their plans are likewise basically just Power, Evil, and Revelation of the Daleks.


get it? because one of them has penises on his face.

  • Sec, the aforementioned dickface.
  • Caan, the only other one that matters
  • Thay
    • Time War livery
    • A desert land in the east of Faerun, home to the Red Wizards
    • Exterminated by human daleks (or, I guess, dalek humans?)
  • Jast
    • Time War livery
    • Sounds a little like "Jaster Mereel", the name EU writers originally estabished for Boba Fett
    • May have been a girl Dalek because of its voice and its name being an acronym of Jackie Tyler's full name.
    • Exterminated by new yorkers


Post War Imperial Dalek

Dammit Davies, we could have had something cool.

If they all had different colors, that would have been cool. Sec and Caan's philosophical differences basically come down on either side of the old Imperial/Renegade divide, so having Caan in Imperial livery would have been neat.

It also would have been cool if they'd been used in more than two episodes.

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