Cyber Brig

The triumphant return of the Brigadier.


"Chap with the umbrella there. Five rounds rapid."


"This isn't flying, this is falling... with style!"

CyberBrig Adventures

CyberBrig Adventures

Coming this Autumn to CBBC!

CyberBrig was an undead Cyberman incarnation of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart who appeared in Death In Heaven and killed teleported Missy.


CyberBrig is confirmed to be returning in Series 9 to become head of UNIT. he is said to be The Watcher undernealth that Icey Costume the 1st to the 13th doctors he now as his own series in season 9.

Twice Upon A Time Edit

CyberBrig is likely to appear in the 2017 Christmas Special as a younger man, being played by Mark Gatiss. Almost.