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— The Cybermen, who are made of tin foil and krazy glue.


On an unrelated note, a still from the latest Iron Man movie.

No Fun Allowed

Reminder they do it for free.


Cybermen are well known for their epic guitar solos.

Cybermen Delete

The catchphrase.


Blaze it.


Seven battles the Cybermen.

Capaldi Cyberman

The originals are back! Shame they look like arse here.



The Cybermen are one of The Doctor's most fearsome enemies, although they haven't had a decent story since Earthshock. Their supreme ruler is the Cyber Controller with the Cyber-Leader as second-in-command.

They were created by Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis.

Cyberstories Edit

Cybermen stories, as many fans have realized, are easy as fuck to write. Yet the writers still seem to have great difficulty. Some people argue about which story was the last good Cybermen story. They are wasted with almost every appearance. In NuWho they've really been more of a means to an end than anything.

Objectively correct list of best Cybermen stories:


Cybermen have gone through several distinct design variations since their inception. Each looks more like Iron Man than the last, culminating in the Cyberiad (Nightmare in Silver) variety native to the late Moffat-era.

First we had the one that cost $10 to make but was absolutely terrifying. Next was a slight change in the design. After that, we had the 4th Doctor facing off against shittastic looking Cybermen although some thought them real swell. Then there were the decent looking Cybermen who just looked like Cybermen wearing Hazmat suits. In NuWho, they have gone all out with the armored look. They were super bulky and made lots of loud noises. Now they are sleek again (but still a bit loud)!

Common CriticismsEdit

There are those who might say the Cybermen aren't a particularly good enemy. It might be pointed out they've had a legion of terrible episodes, they've never had a particularly exciting catchphrase, that no Cybermen episode is good because the Cybermen are in it, and no episode that uses the Cybermen well is good in any other way, that they're what we got because Terry Nation thought that America would want to watch a show about Daleks, that only three televised stories with the Cybermen have actually been about the Cybermen, that every design is at best hard to love and at worst a fucking nightmarish atrocity, that they're the Borg only not as interesting to look at, that they're ugly in deeply profound ways, that unlike the Daleks their design has never been iconic enough to stay constant for more than a few years, that after their first appearance in The Tenth Planet they basically got replaced by stupid robots, that in Earthshock they got replaced by a bunch of Eric Saward's Dick-Swinging Macho Men with Guns™ who happened to be wearing silver jumpsuits, that they're so bad they broke Neil Gaiman, that they're so bad they broke Colin Baker, that they're so bad they broke the Second Doctor, that they get verbally demolished by the Daleks and everybody loves it, that David Banks is a fucking terrible actor who would have single handedly ruined an entire decade of Cybermen if not for the fact that Eric Saward is a fucking terrible writer who single handedly ruined an entire decade of Cybermen (and Doctor Who, for that matter), that they're not as compelling as a well prepared meal, that they got their brains fried by their own data by the Canon Eleventh Doctor, that they make Matt Smith's acting even worse somehow, that the show never manages to play up the psychological, existential or body horror of their core concept and instead wastes them on terribly written, terribly choreographed, and terribly shot action scenes, that Mondas was a terrible idea with a terrible name, that every retcon to Mondas has been terrible itself, that each writer who works with them is convinced that only he can fix them, that each attempt at fixing the Cybermen causes its own headaches that need to be fixed, that they suck at chess... These criticisms are hard to refute, it must be conceded.

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