"Exterminate !"
— The Daleks


A Time War-era Dalek.


Reminder cats > Daleks.

Moffat Dalek

Moffat on Daleks.


A Dalek fleet.

Siege of Gallifrey

Siege of Gallifrey

The Dalek invasion of Gallifrey during The Last Great Time War.

I am intoxicate

Daleks are notable fans of alcohol.


Another drinking game.

Party Hard

Typical Dalek party.



Bitches love Daleks
I regret nothing
Hartnell Dalek
Davison Dalek

Daleks are secondary enemies to The Doctor, subservient to the likes of The Abzorbaloff (the Doctor's archnemesis), the Slitheen, Tracked Taters and The Fots.

Reminder that I am a Human Dalek.

Story Edit

The Daleks were created by a crack addict named Davros on the planet Skaro. They are capable of cracking entire planets open like eggs in seconds, but fortunately for the Doctor, they never stop him from giving his speech that inevitably blows them up with the power of love. Pretty much every time they run into this guy they bring weak shit, fuck you.

Daleks appear to have mastered dimensional engineering, similar to how the Time Lords have. In the episode Dalek, a single Dalek is shown to be travelling up a long flight of stairs at 1/100 kph and somehow materializes directly behind Rowse Tylah.

In terms of the actual episodes themselves, listed below are all the notable Dalek stories organised into levels of brilliance.

GOAT tier Edit

Good tier Edit

Okay tier Edit

AVOID tier Edit

Trivia Edit

Daleks are incapable of experiencing emotion, but have on a large number of occasions. BRAVO DAVISON.

The Seventh Doctor tricked the Daleks into destroying their own fucking planet making the whole species look like a bunch of dumbass bitches.

9/10 Daleks still agree that Cybermen are the inferior species.

Whilst most Daleks are kaled, some are also disabled jews who have no hymen because they sold it for cocaine

Design Edit

The Daleks were designed by Raymond Cusick but Terry Nation got all the glory.

Types of DalekEdit

There are many types of Dalek. Some are colorful, some are not. Here is a helpful Dalek Spotter's Guide:

ones with big big big titties with burger nipples who fuck stoners for their top up money and who r goths

  • Genesis of the Daleks type - Darker colored with Matt Groening eyeballs.
  • Classic Daleks - They look a bit wobbly, silver casings and blue globes, non dodgem forms have larger bases with dishes on their backs.
  • Dalek time controller - Indigo coloured casing with some really fucking stupid sci if rings connected around the cage.
  • Silver Daleks.
  • Imperial Daleks - White with gold trim.
  • Special Weapons Daleks - No eyestalk, huge cannon, gritty and dirty because muh space marine edginess.
  • Time War Daleks - Bronze and sturdy.
  • Cult of Skaro Daleks - Time war Daleks with modified identity tags which only an autistic fuck would notice, their leader is completely black
  • Power Rangers Daleks - Huge with humps on their backs and come in all colors, skirt cage has been replaced by a slinky, huge ow the edge eyestalks with frog eyeballs. Supposed to replace the Time War Daleks but replaced by Time War Daleks a few episodes later, and conveniently swept under the rug by the producers, never to be seen again.
  • Dalek Emperor - He's a big guy... for you.
  • Dalek Imperial Guard - A lot of loyalty for a hired gun.
  • Dalek Supreme - Some sleek black, others black with gold, others dark red.
  • Dalek Janitor - Commonly seen on the 4chan imageboard.
  • Special Shitposting Dalek - Commonly seen on 4chan's /who/.

Dalek SpacecraftEdit

Daleks are intelligent creatures, capable of building fantastic craft to journey out into the cosmos with. Over the years, they've branched out into different designs but most center around the idea of a saucer.

  • Dalek Invasion Saucer - Looks like a pie tin.
  • Dalek TARDIS - The bigger on the inside part got retconned so hard.
  • Resurrection Dalek Battleship - Boxy.
  • Renegade Dalek spaceship - Space racecar.
  • Imperial Dalek shuttlecraft - Looks modular.
  • Imperial Dalek Mothership - Boxy modular shape.
  • Dalek Void Ship - A sphere.
  • Dalek Time War Saucer - Very good looking super detailed saucer
  • Imperial Mothership - Huge saucer used by the Dalek Emperor.
  • Dalek Fighter - Small and fast ship used to transport Dalek units to a planet quickly.
  • The Dalek Crucible - Massive space station built by Davros and the Dalek remnants to house them after they detonate the Plot Device. Gets destroyed after Lauren Cooper makes the Daleks spin around and Roses Sex Toy taps some bullshit into a keyboard.

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