David Maloney

David Maloney was a director, and probably the man most responsible for getting Doctor Who in trouble with Mary Whitehouse and her moral crusaders, but fuck Mary Whitehouse, he was GOAT.

Career Edit

Maloney started off as a production assistant, and got assigned to Doctor Who. He decided he really liked the show, so when he finished his director's training, he lobbied to get to direct it. Since nobody else really wanted to, they gave him almost half of season 6.

He worked on some other shows, but returned multiple times. In his later stories, he took a more active role with the scripts than most directors, cutting out padding and rewriting scenes to make them more exciting.

But "more exciting" often also means more violent and brutal. Half of the stuff Mary Whitehouse complained about from the Hinchcliffe era, like the drowning scene in Deadly Assassin that she got cut out of repeats and home video releases, was his fault. Some of the writers, including Terry Nation, crumbled under Whitehouse's criticisms and started demanding that Maloney not rewrite their scripts anymore.

In the 1977 documentary Whose Doctor Who, Maloney was the one who defended the show against being "too intense" for children. But he never worked for the show again (except directing DVD commentaries for a few of his stories decades later). Instead, he went over to Terry Nation's new show Blake's 7, where he was quickly promoted to producer and co-showrunner with Chris Boucher, so fuck Terry. He did some other sci-fi stuff for a while, and then decided he wanted to do documentaries, because ITV/Central would pay for him and his wife to travel the world as long as he filmed stuff. He continued doing that until going into retirement and dying in his sleep at age 72.

Stories Edit

Reception Edit

Fuck Mary Whitehouse, he was GOAT. Just look at that list of stories. (Except Planet of the Daleks, don't look at that one.)

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