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Ten Is Die

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Typical David Tennant acting on Doctor Who

The doctor simply can't abide this fuckery

Hey, David, do you wanna come back for the 60th?

David 'Ten-Inch' McDonalds played a number of minor characters from the long-running BBC soap opera The Amazing Doctor Who and its spinoffs, including an unnamed caretaker in the animated Scream of the Shalka, the bad Nazi in the audio Colditz, Daft Jamie in the audio Medicinal Purposes, an unnamed Time Lord in the unbound audio Exile, Col. Brimmicombe-Woode-not-Lethbridge-Stewart in the UNIT audios, Galanar in the Dalek Empire audios, and the Tenth Doctor in one episode of TV's The Sarah Jane Adventures and in the video game Attack of the Graske.

He also stars in Broadchurch, Gracepoint (AKA Broadchurch: Miracle Day), and Jessica Jones. Much recasting for Teninch.

Biography Edit

Sympathetic Scottish fucktoy with a fake cockney accent, he's a cutie that any man/woman would want to fuck in an instant and his Doctor was stupidly popular. Also RTD sucks dicks for writing him inconsistently and not Scottish. Tumblrinas are known for shipping fuck out of him.

Reception Edit

He's not a bad actor in other shows but he was kind of shit on Doctor Who with tons of overacting in the comedy and drama. He managed to hit it out of the park a few times though like in Human Nature.

Trivia Edit

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