Death of the Doctor

Death of the Doctor is an episode of the Sarah Jane Adventures. It features the return of Jo Grant and the first meeting between Sarah Jane and the Eleventh Doctor.

Plot Edit

Some weird vulture people team up with some woman from UNIT and tell Sarah Jane that the Doctor is dead. These vulture people are like undertakers, BRAVO DAVIES! and are supposed to be in charge of the funeral, I think. Then Sarah Jane, Jo Grant and some other people figure out that these vultures are lying and that the Doctor is alive, and then the Doctor swaps places with one of the characters and the vultures try to kill him. I really don't know, I haven't watched the full episode, or the series in general...

Reception Edit

From someone who did watch the full episode, it was pretty comfy getting to see 11 hang out with Jo and Sarah. But then 11 says shit like Ian and Barbara never aging, Ace settling down and starting a charity, Tegan starting an aborigine rights' group, and so on. And him saying that he saw every companion right before regenerating in End of Time (meaning he saw Adric on the space freighter and went back to his TARDIS instead of saving him? I would too, but wow), which was really stupid. But fuck it, this is the last time the Doctor and Sarah meet on screen, so it's all right in my book.

The Elventh Doctor SJA
Lol, wut?

It's nice that they're paying homage to the original show's special effects... oh, that's meant to look convincing?