They spent literally an entire episode setting up what this wet lesbian could do. None of this should have been a surprise because it was all foreshadowed. Its not like Parting of the Ways where Rose randomly gets superpowers from looking at the title sequence or Ten gets superpowers because everyone masturbates to him and cums at once:the rules were set, the idea was planted and established ideas were carried out faithfully. -Anon. in post >84629085
Moff 1

Twitter fury.


More Twitter fury.

Literally translated as "God in the Machine". Frequently translated by Shitposters as "Plot Points I Don't Like" it is nothing like that at all.

Deus Ex Machina refers to a writing technique where at the last second possible for the heroes have an intervention in the form of a completely out-of-left-field solution. In this case, none of the solution was setup in a previous episode and usually it will be followed by a hard reset of the show dynamic so the characters cannot use this power again; lest they destroy the suspension of disbelief.

It is strictly a reference to the resolution of a plot. If random events happen with no explanation as to why or how they happened within a building conflict it's not Deus Ex Machina; it's just shitty writing. The Cybermen in Nightmare in Silver getting The Flash powers and Paralysis Hands from The Girl Who Waited is NOT Deus Ex Machina, it is just bad writing. Likewise if something random happens AFTER the resolution that wasn't foreshadowed, it's not this either: it's a good old fashioned moffucking.

Deus Ex Machina is not an indicator of how good an episode or arc plot is; it is only a lazy writing technique. Good episodes can have a cop out ending and bad episodes can be well setup and foreshadowed throughout the series with clever callbacks. Frequently, a bad episode with Deus Ex will be considered a shit episode; and a good episode without Deus Ex will still be considered shit by RTDchads.

The writers of Doctor Who literally cannot sleep at night if they have written a story without one or more. Frequently used in finales.

Examples of Deus Ex Machina Edit

  1. Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways
  2. Army of Ghosts/Doomsday
  3. The Sound of Drums/The Last of the Time Lords
  4. Journey's End/The Stolen Earth(Complicated, as some small parts were established. Most were not.)
  5. End of Time
  6. The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang(Complicated. The Pandorica itself or what it did was not foreshadowed until the last moment. The Doctor getting back from through the Cracks was).
  7. Hell Bent/Heaven Sent

NOT Examples of Deus Ex Machina Edit

  1. The Wedding of River Song(River being in the spacesuit and the Doctor robot body was very much foreshadowed. You may not like it, but it's not Deus Ex Machina.)
  2. The Name of the Doctor(Clara being multiple people in time is established very well before the Moffucking)
  3. The Time of the Doctor(Gallifrey being in the cracks, Time Lords being able to give new regen cycles and Regeneration energy being violently dangerous were all established.)
  4. Dark Water/Death in Heaven(You knew the Brig was dead. You know people can resist cyberconversion on their mind from Doomsday. They took the time to explain the rain thing well enough.)
  5. World Enough and Time/The Doctor Falls(See above. Wet lesbians, humans avoiding cybermen conversion, The Doctor avoiding regeneration and The Masters were not Deus Ex Machina in the slightest. Stop using that word to describe things you don't like)

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