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Want to know why LEGO Dimensions got such a glowing reception on its page? It's because for years this was the standard for Doctor Who video games. It features The Eleventh Doctor, Amy, and apparently the Daleks and Cybermen but you couldn't tell from the gameplay as seemingly the first 5600 hours are filled with dicking about with Dalek wannabes and the same cunting crystals over and over. This game, and other Eleventh Doctor games, also bring up a great case as to why their shouldn't never be 11th Doctor Big Finish as Matt Smith phones in every vocal performance in these games (though that could just be because he knows they're shit).

Unfortunately it's also the only Amy story that's canon.

Let's Play Doctor Who- Return to Earth - Part 126:46

Let's Play Doctor Who- Return to Earth - Part 1

Watch the guys at Batman March torture themselves.

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