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Doctor Who General

"All you need is /who/" - The Beatles, 1967.

I Love who

Even Capaldi can't help himself.

I just want who

Ten's actual last words.

This is you

Average /who/ poster

Colin on who

Colin Baker on /who/.

DWG 7th Doctor



Hell awaits.

Why Live Rebooted


7 catches up on DWG

/who/ (aka. Doctor Who General, /who/ eternal) is the immortal Doctor Who general thread on 4chan's /tv/ board (except when it is kill). It is owned by Henry Van Statten and is more cancerous than Jade Goody's corpse.

It's the only place on the internet worse than tumblr.

Reminder: There are people on /who/ who unironically like what I don't like, and don't like what I do like.

Wiki Content Edit

Some of what you'll find on this wiki are in-jokes and other what-not from the general. There's also batshit-insane rants, highly-opinionated edit wars battles squabbles, tidal waves of autism and a general inability to agree on anything. It's /who/ in wiki form. Occasionally you may even find a nugget of wisdom. For this we apologise in advance and would like to reassure you that turbo shitposting will resume as soon as possible.

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See the Doctor Who General category for more /who/-related atrocities.