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Doctor Who Magazine is a long-running Doctor Who tie-in magazine started by Marvel UK. It began in 1979 as Doctor Who Weekly and changed titles a few times before settling on DWM in the mid-80's.

It is currently recognised by Guinness World Records as the world's longest running TV tie-in magazine. Holy fucking shit.

Background Edit

Publishes Doctor Who comics. It's also a pretty good source of interviews, news and reviews.

As one DWM editor said, it was important in "just maintaining a presence" during The Wilderness Years. Plus it continued the Doctor's adventures in comics.

/who/ gets a question answered Edit

/who/tube actually managed to get a question in February 2017's edition under the name Frank Offerino.

Editors: Edit

There were plenty before Gary, but here's from the 90's onwards.

Writers Edit

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